A strong immune system is essential to a fulfilling life. Winter makes many people susceptible to colds due in part to an under-supported immune system. And we all know that a strong immune system and nutrition go hand in hand.

In order to prevent annoying colds that will make your life miserable for an average of two weeks, we must make our wellness a priority. In this post, I am going to talk about healthy habits you must adopt to have an invincible immune system.

Keep Your Gut Healthy

Your gut is largely responsible for critical functions of the body’s immune system. Far Eastern countries already know that the gut is the second brain of the body as energy for the entire body is produced in the gut. It doesn’t matter how many people around have the cold; if you have a healthy gut, that cold virus can’t get you sick. Our guts carry trillions of microbes that work the magic in our bodies daily. Foods that support this healthy microbe jungle in the gut are garlic, onion, broccoli, bone broth, kefir and home-made organic yogurt.

Fill Nutritional Gaps

fruits and veggies

Vitamins and minerals are critical for health. Take the time to treat yourself organic vegetables and fruits, even in a rush. If you work in front of the computer daily, chop up some cucumbers and carrots like sticks. Place them in a water glass vertically and pour over some lemon juice. Munch on these vitamin-filled sticks all day and flourish that body!

Become Friends with the Sun


Many 8-5 workers leave home before the sun is up for several reasons and get home after the sun sets. Most of us can go days without spending any time in the sun forgetting the fact that the sun is a strong supply of vitamin D which fights diseases. Studies show that people who have a healthy amount of sun exposure daily are less likely to have cold symptoms. 15-20 minute walks in the morning sun can do more for your immune system than you ever thought.

Take Cold Showers


As you take a cold shower, your body struggles to stay warm by increasing its metabolic rate. This results in the body producing more white blood cells because it thinks it’s under attack. White blood cells are responsible for protecting your body and boosting your immune system, making you less susceptible to disease. The increased blood circulation when taking a shower also helps muscle tissues regenerate faster.

Lemon Lemon Lemon


Include this rich vitamin C source in your drinking water. Instead of ordering soda or juice for lunch, try water with a side of lemon. Squeeze it all in your water and down a glass of health in order to build an immune system of steel.

Get Lots of Quality Sleep


Studies suggest sleeping between 11 pm and 4 pm help the body release hormones that support our mental and physical wellness. Without these hormones and a set of chemicals acting as a shield against diseases, you are more likely to catch a cold virus. Sleeping is great but creating the right conditions for a quality sleep can make you invincible. A nice and warm shower before bed, a pitch black room free of any electronics or noise and finally a low room temperature can prepare your body for the perfect sleep.

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