7 Japanese Beauty Secrets I Unveiled in Tokyo

I am writing this post to share with you Japanese women’s beauty secrets I uncovered during my time in Japan. It is crazy how, as women, we can learn new things from each other. But the crazy is magnified when you live in a foreign country for a while.
In the three adventurous years I lived in Japan, not a day went by that I wasn’t amazed. I loved people watching on the streets of Harajuku. Yes, I was that stereotypical expat who tried hard to blend in with my style but there was no way I could get on the same level as those elegant and beautiful Japanese women. Many times, during my long train rides back home in the evening, I would stare at their beautiful skin, hair, make up and everything. Although I had heard it was all genetic, I suspected there was more to Japanese women’s beauty that had something to do with their daily routines. Especially the nutritionist, home remedist, health and beauty diva in me knew that these women were on a whole another level of beauty regimens. And my mission was to identify these Japanese beauty secrets, everyday habits and glam methods they used that made them look gorgeous.
Three months into my quest I had a basic understanding of what Japanese women did or did not do with their nutrition and beauty. Of course, I did not waste any time to indulge in the same habits, so I could see if they actually work or not. You guys, these are methods that can transform your look overnight. They are all about rejuvenating the body and skin, stimulating blood flow and instant detoxing.
What was so incredibly “convenient” about these untold beauty methods was that they were all accessible at convenience stores like Seven Eleven. This post isn’t about the Seven Elevens in Japan, but Lord I wish they were half as good in the United States. Fortunately, thanks to technology, all these products I am about to list are available for purchase from the comfort of your phone.
Without further due, let’s get to the list of my can’t-live-without everyday products and methods I adopted in Japan four years ago.

1.Sheet Masks are Essential to Glowing Skin

I love making DIY facial masks at home, but I sure love me some sheet masks that literally take me seconds to take out from the fridge, yes I like them cold, and put on my face. You can squeeze out the leftover juice and rub it all over your neck, legs, arms or even butt. Japanese women use sheet masks daily because you can never go wrong with some quick moisture boost. My favorite sheet mask comes with a bomb addition of vitamins and collagen.
sheet mask with collagen
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2.Green Tea is Probably the Biggest Japanese Beauty Secret

Unlike the U.S., when you walk into a restaurant in Japan, you don’t instantly see a soda machine. Instead, your waiter brings free green tea to your table. It is served hot only, with no sugar. Japanese people drink several cups of green tea until they are done eating. The Japanese already know that green tea is one of the best anti-oxidants. When you invest in this zen drink daily, it makes you look 30 when you’re at your late 60s. It is less acidic than coffee, still wakes you up in the morning, and has been known to burn belly fat like no other.
Japanese macha tea japanese beauty secret
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3. Japanese Women Have Been Secretly Shaving Their Faces the Whole Time

No, it is not madness. Many women in Japan shave their peach fuzz in order to get the smoothest skin. Marilyn Monroe did it, too. Shaving can help your skin breathe. It gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes circulation. Most beauty influencers on Instagram shave their face before applying makeup. The best example of this is Huda Kattan, the queen of beauty. She shaves regularly and loves it. Below is her shaving tutorial.
She is my favorite beauty influencer. Check her out on Instagram: hudabeauty
The most popular facial razors in Japan and my favorite as well are the single blade ones. Luckily I can find them on Amazon now. Japanese language on the package honestly makes me so happy now that I don’t live there anymore and I miss it so much.But most importantly these razors work so perfectly on my side burns.
facial razors for women japanese beauty secret
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4. Cleansing Oils Over Useless Foam Cleansers

I was introduced to this new cleansing concept in downtown Tokyo. When I woke up in the hotel, I realized that I didn’t pack my facial cleanser. I ran to the corner store and noticed that almost all facial cleansing products were oils. I grabbed one to try. And the result was just amazing. I never thought cleansing my face and keeping the natural oil that protects my skin at the same time was possible. Shortly after, cleansing oils became a thing in other countries, too. Here is what I use daily to clean my once dry and currently glowing skin.
cleansing oil for face japanese beauty secret
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5. Japanese Women Aren’t Addicted To Sugar

Some of the most delicious cakes and pastries I’ve ever had in my life were in Japan. Surprisingly, what made these desserts so delicious wasn’t the amount of sugar or margarine. The Japanese have a way of utilizing fruits and natural sweeteners when baking. As a result, they consume sugar in much lower portions compared to the States. When you don’t abuse sugar, you simply don’t have diabetes, or a chubby figure. Your skin can glow because you are not letting sugar age you fast. My favorite Japanese dessert is called daifuku or red bean mochi. It is low on calories and Instagram worthy to eat and boomerang while squeezing. Here is a fun mochi video tutorial in case you want to try it at home.

6. Rose Water for Radiant Skin

Being a Mediterranean woman, I am familiar with rose water. Growing up, my mother taught me to use it as a toner after cleansing. Seeing rose water in the beauty sections of department stores in Japan made me extremely happy. Rose water is one of the most natural ways of keeping the skin moist and smooth. It leaves a fresh smell on your skin and best kept in the fridge for daily use. My go-to brand in the States is here.
Rose water for face japanese beauty secrets
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7. Face Massage Before Bed for Overnight Collagen Production

Japanese women are well aware of the benefits of stimulating face muscles with gentle finger taps. It essentially delivers oxygen to the stimulated area and gives it a natural collagen boost. Facial massages can be done and should be done at any age. Regular massages can contour the face and make it look slimmer. I have found the best video for you to try DIY face massage at home.
What do you think of my perspective on Japanese women’s beauty secrets? Do you believe beauty is all about genetics or a significant percentage of one’s beauty depends on her daily nutrition habits and skin care? What have you discovered to be the most effective skin care method for you? Leave a comment below and let me know you stopped by. May you have the most hydrated and happiest skin all the time.

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