Mediterranean Nutrition and Lifestyle Explained


    ” Mediterranean diet, home remedies and centuries-old beauty secrets are best explained by a real Mediterranean woman who was raised by a Mediterranean nutritionist mother. “

I’m a born and raised Mediterranean and a Mediterranean diet enthusiast based in the United States.

Having studied and worked in three different continents, I have found my home in America at the age of 27. Although I have always felt like an American in terms of my music and lifestyle preferences, living here for the first time left me in a culture shock. I was teased for eating spinach for breakfast, or drinking sugar-free hot tea when I’m not even sick. It took me a few weeks to realize Americans tend to go for the easier option when it comes to food and this hurts them physically; sometimes mentally. I have made friends who pride themselves in eating healthy because they had a diet coke that day instead of the regular. Although vegan and vegetarian movement is on the rise, there is still a considerable portion of American society who struggles to make conscious food choices.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. I’m the type of girl who eats a giant plate of breakfast. I lived in so many countries and fell in love with all kinds of cuisines. American cuisine is one of them. So, yes I do eat my bacon sometimes. But in return I add raw veggies to my plate. I do love me a pancake on Sunday mornings. And to balance nutrition, I throw in as many fresh blueberries as I can in that pancake and I never use syrup at all. Sometimes raw honey, but honestly the blueberries are sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth in the morning.

One thing I learned about myself is that I love fun foods. I love guilty pleasures like almost everyone. But I also love vegetables. I love the good feeling and wellness I get when I indulge in some raw veggies. I often think about the health or beauty benefits of the veggie while munching on it. It’s a health treat I deserve. You deserve. We deserve.

As a Mediterranean woman who inherited vast beauty and nutrition knowledge from the healers in my family, I decided to make a difference in this country I now call home and share this knowledge that has helped me be the healthy woman I am today. Part of gratitude is sharing, so I use this space as a means to review products that I test in a way that benefits the people instead of companies.

Nourishing recipes, super foods and healthy options to sugar consumption is what I love to talk about daily. I also believe in using natural foods for hair and skincare. However, if I run across a quality product, I will share it.

I’d just like to thank you for stopping by and being a part of my journey. I promise to always deliver authentic content in which I only talk about methods and products that I tested myself and benefited from.

I take great pride in being able to share my health and beauty tips and advice with you, and I hope that everyone can learn something from this blog.


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