Easy Lentil Soup Recipe

This is the original and traditional red lentil soup that will surprise you with its practicality and flavors. Lentils soup is one of the go-to recipes in Mediterranean households. It is very easy to make, super budget friendly and nourishes your body and soul.  Why You Must Rinse Your Lentils Before Cooking Lentils, like any […]

What is the Mediterranean Diet? A Short Guide to the Best Diet in the World

Mediterranean diet is the diet of people in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean diet is globally recognized as the world’s healthiest diet. Helping with weight loss, protecting heart health and overall promoting a healthy lifestyle, the Mediterranean diet was ranked number one diet in the world. It is heavily based on fruits, vegetables, legumes […]

Popcorn Broccoli Recipe

Are you struggling to get your child to like broccoli? It’s most likely because you have been boiling or steaming the broccoli, which makes this amazing vegetable boring and tasteless for many. You should definitely try a much better cooking method: roasting. Roasting vegetables in the oven is a healthy cooking method which will bring […]